Sustainable Customer Award

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Sustainable Customer Award, the green cherry on the cake

We believe it is important to stimulate our customers in “going green” with their purchase policy. We use our Sustainability Customer Award to reward our customers who take this responsibility to heart. The ultimate goal is to reduce the environmental impact of the business relationship with our customers by working together on a sustainable future. That is also in line with our sustainability strategy “Eco Future”. In order to be eligible for the Sustainable Customer Award, our customers will be monitored for a year on 5 criteria. We then report in a very transparent manner on how the customer scores on these 5 criteria on a quarterly basis. The efforts of the participants will be evaluated at the end of the year and a decision is made on who deserves the Award.


1. The purchase of green products

Lyreco offers an extensive assortment of green products. The percentage of environmentally friendly products purchased will be assessed within the context of the Award.

2. The method of ordering

Customers have the choice to place their orders at Lyreco in an ecological manner. The webshop, app and integrated EDI solution allow us to save on paper, ink and manual processing. We also take into account PDF invoicing versus paper invoicing. This is our way to contribute to nature and to drastically reduce the consumption of paper.

3. Grouping orders

Our “Customer Environmental Balance” tool maps the current ordering behaviour of our customer. We will then, together with a Lyreco representative, look for a more efficient ordering approach. By grouping purchases, by increasing the quantity of products for each order and/or by ordering more online, we encourage them to significantly reduce the CO2 emission of their orders.

4. Reducing returns to a minimum

We systematically map the number of returns for each customer. By taking simple measures, the customer is able to reduce the emission related to returns.

5. Using our pick-up service

The choice for green is facilitated in every step of the ordering process. Our pick-up service collects used toners from our customers at no cost. This service is implemented to commit, together with them, to proper waste management.

Just like last year, we also presented the “Evolution Award”, in addition to the general award. This award honours the company that has taken the most steps in the past year in the field of sustainability. 57 companies enrolled and had a real chance of winning one of the two awards. The municipality Kruibeke earned the Sustainable Customer Award for being the green frontrunner. Their high purchase percentage of green products, online orders and extensive use of PDF invoicing made their footprint as small as possible. Moreover, they proactively committed to centralising the orders, reducing the impact on the environment. In turn, the NS (Dutch Railways) showed the biggest evolution in the past year. Their green efforts to catch up paid off as they were able to bring home the Evolution Award. Congratulations to all winners!

“The goal of this award, which we introduced in 2016, is to reduce the environmental impact of the business relationship with our customers by working together on a sustainable future. After this second year, it appears that participants in the award clearly show more awareness in the possibilities to achieve this goal in consultation with Lyreco.”
– Diane Buggenhout Quality, Security, Sustainability Manager Benelux