Focal points

Group Key Figures

Our priority focal points


The customer, quality and sustainability are key when selecting products and developing services. This way we are able to provide responsible products and services in line with the needs of the customers and to offer them service at the highest level of quality possible.


Everything offered by Lyreco is originating from suppliers who comply with the same high requirements we impose on ourselves. The way in which we are dealing with our business relations therefore has an immediate impact on the performance of our company. We opt for long-term relationships in this process as these establish a solid foundation on which we are able to base our shared values. That long-term cooperation with our partners is crucial in achieving the goals we prioritise in our Eco Future strategy.


The 700 employees of Lyreco Benelux all have access to a wide range of training opportunities enabling them to further develop their existing talents. We appreciate our in-house competences by offering everyone the chance to apply for jobs internally at all times. Motivated employees are the fuel for our powerful engine which is also beneficial for our other stakeholders.


Corporate social responsibility entails a lot more than just aiming at “green”. It is also important to take on your responsibility towards the society.


Sustainable entrepreneurship is interwoven with our business operations. Together with our customers, we strike the green path and we combine forces to build a sustainable world. One of the pillars of our Eco Future strategy is environmental protection.


Many of us believe that safety begins and ends with wearing a safety belt, the correct lifting of a box, the presence of fire-extinguishing systems, the proper certificate to drive a forklift... Safety, however, goes far beyond that.