Eco Future strategy

Group Key Figures

Our sustainable creed with respect for human beings and the environment

Even though sustainability is a priority for most companies, we, at Lyreco, do not take our social responsibility for granted. Our so-called Eco Future strategy embodies our concrete approach that should enable us to maintain our activities in a sustainable manner. The liveability on our planet is something that concerns all of us, without any exception. Corporate social responsibility therefore is a crucial foundation for Lyreco on which we establish our relationships.

We have the ambition within our segment to be the main reference for sustainable workplace solutions. In order to realise this goal, sustainability is taken into account at every level within Lyreco as a parameter for decision-making. Specifically, we are always proactively looking for sustainable (alternatives for) products or services. These are in turn prominently promoted at all of our customers through the different channels. We actively involve our stakeholders in this process. The outlines for our Eco Future strategy were drawn up in 2012.